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Faces of Lies

Date: Jun 01, 2024

Featuring: Matheus Calache

Composition: Matheus Calache

Lyrics: Marcos Garcia

Label: Independent

Mixing and mastering: Marcos Garcia

Graphic art: Marcos Garcia

Video production: Marcos Garcia


"Faces of Lies" is a powerful critique of the superficiality inherent in social media culture. The song's narrator expresses a strong disillusionment with the fake personas and staged happiness that dominate platforms like Instagram, yearning for authenticity and genuine connections instead. Rejecting the pursuit of likes and the obsession with materialism, the narrator decides to disconnect from this "fake paradise" and live a more meaningful, real life. The song poignantly highlights the contrast between online appearances and true emotions, urging listeners to cherish real experiences and the fleeting nature of time.


I don't care about your Instagram profile anymore,

I just want something real, 

Not this fake life for someone else.

Take your pictures,

Wait for your likes,

Goodbye, I will live my life.

'Cause time is running and life is happening.

Modern society, fake lives,

Pictures of happiness and void inside.

Modern society, faces of lies,

Beautiful moments and sadness inside.

I'm tired of thinking I have a shitty life,

And others are in paradise,

Through pictures of perfect moments.

And it's just about money and things,

Not a real connection, not a real moment,

Not from the heart, not in their souls.

So I'm unplugging from this amount of shit,

From now on, please don't waste your time

Trying to sell me this fake paradise,

I've got my stuff, I'm going to live my life.

Let me ask you something,

Can you see all those things?

Can you look around you

And see real things?

Let me tell you something,

Life is flashing before your eyes,

And that time you will never get back.


vocals and backing vocals, bass, solo guitar


rhythm and solo guitars, drums