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Date: Nov 17, 2023

Featuring: Matheus Calache

Composition: Matheus Calache

Lyrics: Marcos Garcia

Label: Independent

Mixing and mastering: Marcos Garcia

Graphic art: Marcos Garcia

Video production: Marcos garcia

"Roving Horizons" is a musical journey through the vast and untamed landscapes of nomadic living. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of life on the road, as the protagonist travels through desert lands with nothing but a van, seeking a place in the nomadic community. The verses capture the essence of the nomad lifestyle, from the freedom of roaming town to town to the meaningful connections forged with both old and new friends.

The chorus celebrates "Nomadland," a life characterized by boundless freedom and endless roads stretching as far as the eye can see. The nomads live their dreams under wide-open skies, unburdened by chains or ties. The song encapsulates the spirit of a life lived on the move, where every road leads to new horizons and every day brings the promise of a new dawn.

In the end, the refrain echoes the anthem of their chosen existence, declaring proudly, "Cause we live in nomad lands!" The music encapsulates the boundless love and sense of adventure that fills the nomads' hearts as they navigate the world with nothing but the open road and each other.


Roving through the desert lands

With nothing but a van in hand

Searching for a place to be

In this nomadic community

From town to town, we find our way

With memories and stories to say

Meeting friends, both old and new

In this nomad life, so full of hues

No chains or ties,

We live our dreams

Under wide-open skies,

In this nomad life

Lonely land, where the roads lead on

With freedom, hope, and a new dawn

Traveling light, with a heart so true

In this life that we've chosen, 

me and you

Nomadland, a life so free

With endless roads, as far as we can see

Roaming forever, in this land

With nothing but love, in our nomad hands.

Cause we live in nomad lands!


vocals, backing vocals and solo guitars


rhythm and solo guitars, bass and drums