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bora dar uma força?


Date: May 19, 2023

Composition: Marcos Garcia

Lyrics: Marcos Garcia

Label: Independent

Mixing and mastering: Marcos Garcia

Graphic art: Marcos Garcia

Video production: Marcos garcia

Filming crew: Fred & Theo


Things to be learned

That throw you to the ground

Feelings and desires

You have no control of

A storm in your head

An agony that consumes you

It feels like your heart

Is going to explode

It’s not as easy

As you thought

The clock is running fast

You are stuck in your bed

Fighting your thoughts

Another sleepless night

That emptiness inside

Tears of despair

You just want the one you love

To hold your hand

It’s not as easy

As you thought

It’s not getting easier

As you thought

You try to express how you feel

But it cannot be translated

You get on your knees, tired of proving

That the love you feel is greater than anything

Another day, another night

You just want to live a beautiful dream

But you are alone in this dark place

Screaming, desperate to leave

Another glass

My medicine at night

Maybe someday

The words that I say

Will have a place

Deep in your heart

But now I’m confused

I don't know where I am

It seems that I’m walking

In the fields of Valhalla

Is it a dream

Or have I passed away?

But now I’m free from

The weight of that life

Yes, I would do it all

Over again


vocals, backing vocals, rhythm and solo guitars, bass and drums