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Date: Oct 13, 2023

Composition: Marcos Garcia

Lyrics: Marcos Garcia

Label: Independent

Mixing and mastering: Marcos Garcia

Graphic art: Marcos Garcia

Video production: Marcos Garcia


In the realm of lost dreams, tragedy took its toll,

A wave of devastation, a story yet untold.

Nature's fury unleashed, tears apart the seams,

Silent cries echo, as hearts shattered in dreams.

Radiant skies turned gray, a silent deadly dance,

Unseen foes arise, a deadly circumstance.

In the depths of fear, we search for the light,

A beacon of healing, to mend the wounded plight.

We stand united, in the face of despair,

With courage, we'll rebuild, a future strong and fair.

Though the scars run deep, a strength will rise anew,

In the heart of each survivor, a spirit that won't undo.

Oh, the void within, our souls in pain,

Lost in shadows, forever we'll remain.

Through the darkest hour, we'll rise above,

In the arms of hope, we'll find our love.

Beneath the starry skies, we seek a guiding grace, 

A symphony of solace, a gentle warm embrace.

Through the depths of time, we'll mend what's been undone,

With hope as our compass, a new journey has begun.

With every passing day, the wounds may slowly heal,

But never forgotten, the sorrow that we feel.

In the midst of tragedy, we'll find our way,

A song of resilience, in our hearts will stay.



vocals, backing vocals, rhythm and solo guitars, bass and drums