Date: Mar 16, 2022

Featuring: Matheus Calache (bass)

Label: Independent

Mixing, mastering and graphic art: Marcos Garcia

Filming crew: Frederico & Theo Zaccaro


The storm started

The sky is crying

Lightning falling

Fear is taking 

Over my mind

I’m falling apart

Trying to survive

The water is rising again

I close my eyes

Open my arms

Flashes of life 

The same story again

But something hit me strong this time

Made me look to life from 

Another point of view

Made me feel

Alive in this circle of madness

Where all the clowns are

Walking upside down

Staring at you

Rolling the dice

The game of life

Or heads or tails will decide

Should I live or should I die?

Running alone

There is no wright

Taking control of my own life

No one can take what is mine

The wind is strong

The rain is cutting

And the pain is burning inside

Of my heart

Oh yeah!

But now I feel

Now I can see

It hurts but now I can decide

My way


lyrics, vocals, backing vocals, rhythm & solo guitar and drums