Date: May 18, 2022

Featuring: Matheus Calache (guitar & bass)

Label: Independent

Mixing, mastering and graphic art: Marcos Garcia


In this dream I see some birds

In the shiny sky at night

I wish I could fly

But I can't move myself

And I can't scream

I can’t speak

I’m stuck within this cold body

Alone in this dream

That seems will never end

But the unexpected

Woke me to life

I’m back in the game

No strings and no name

I’m free

I don’t care anymore

I scream without shame

I run, there’s no place

To call

My home anymore

You will not understand

I don’t care if you can’t

I’m going

Goodbye everyone

I run, there’s no place

No strings and no name

I’m free

It's my time to go on

The entire life looking for something that is in your hand

The entire time digging for something that is on the surface

Voices all around dictating what you should do

Voices in your head fighting to wake you up


lyrics, vocals, backing vocals, rhythm & solo guitar and drums


rhythm & solo guitar and bass