Date: Jul 15, 2022


Label: Independent

Mixing, mastering and graphic art: Marcos Garcia


I was wandering in life

When I saw your smile

When I heard your voice

I thought I was dreaming

When I saw your face

My body shuddered

When your lips touched mine

I gave you my heart

I trusted you my soul

Princess of mine

And I sing this song

Cause I’m feeling alive

I said I love you

Princess of mine

You gave me back

The meaning of life

Day and night

You are in my mind

You are so special

Princess of mine

No matter what

I will be here by your side

I will take care of you 

The rest of my life

Sunrise and the moon say goodbye

A second chance, the sky is shining 

Let's raise up our glasses and start this new life

Hands together, love burning in our hearts


lyrics, vocals, backing vocals, rhythm & solo guitar, bass and drums