Date: Dec 15, 2021

Featuring: Matheus Calache

Label: Independent

Mixing, mastering and graphic art: Marcos Garcia

Filming crew: Frederico Zaccaro & Daniel Bitondi


It seems that everything I do she disapproves

But I wont stay inside this box like everyone else

I just don't fit in all those rules they have created

Why can't she see it? she is always running away

They say I'm living in my own world

That I'm not living in reality

Maybe they are right

Maybe she is right

So I will build my own world

Land of the free

We have no rules

Come into my world

Be what you want

Now my land is a threat

Cause it can change the world

People are starting to wake up

We are not afraid of your weapons


lyrics, vocals, backing vocals, rhythm & solo guitar


rhythm and solo guitar, bass, drums