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01. Starting Over
02. Dangers and Shadows
03. Fading Flames
04. Not so Easy
05. Suffocation Reign (ft. Matheus Calache)
06. Haunted by Shadows (ft. Matheus Calache)
07. Open Chapter
08. Eternal Days
09. In the Dance of Time

Date: Jun 15, 2024
Label: Independent
Mixing and mastering: Marcos Garcia
Graphic art: Marcos Garcia


MUTED BY THE PAIN, the new album by the band VARTROY, released on June 15, 2024, marks the achievement of a significant milestone. This album is a heartfelt expression of deep emotions, born from extensive learning and serving as fuel for future music and albums. It represents the culmination of a major journey and the beginning of a new one, brimming with possibilities. Crafted with love, this album is for both you and me!


"Starting Over" is a poignant anthem that delves into the depths of personal struggle and the resilience to overcome. Set against the backdrop of a solitary soul haunted by a past shrouded in shadows, the song follows the protagonist as they navigate through the empty streets of their inner turmoil. Each verse paints a vivid picture of the emotional battles fought within, juxtaposed with a chorus that echoes the relentless pursuit of redemption amidst despair. Through whispers in the breeze and echoes of pain, the protagonist rises like a phoenix from the ashes, determined to find light even in the darkest storms. The narrative weaves themes of hope, survival, and renewal, portraying a journey towards healing and becoming whole. As scars, both physical and emotional, mark their path, the protagonist confronts their inner demons, facing reflections in shattered glass. Ultimately, "Starting Over" resonates as a testament to the human spirit's ability to persevere through adversity, finding solace and strength in the process of starting anew.

In the silence of the night, I'm a solitary soul,
Haunted by my past, a tale untold,
I walk the empty streets, a man undone,
Battles within myself, a war just begun.

Descending shadows, a dance of despair,
I fight for redemption, gasping for air,
Haunted by memories that refuse to fade,
Seeking salvation...
In darkness I wade...

Whispers in the breeze, echoes of my pain,
My heart scarred, drowning in the rain,
But I'll rise from the ashes, like a phoenix

Through the darkest of storms, I'll find my light.
Every step I take, a struggle anew,
Broken pieces of my heart, I must renew,

Yet hope lingers on, a fragile flame,
In the battle for healing, it's never too late.

Scars on my skin, scars in my soul,
A story of survival, of becoming whole,
I'll face my reflection, in shattered glass,
Fight my inner demons, as shadows amass.

And so I walk, through highs and lows,
In the symphony of pain, my heart will seal,
For in the darkest nights, I'll find my way,
Rekindling the fire, to light up the gray.

Descending shadows, a dance of despair,
I fight for redemption, gasping for air,
Haunted by memories that refuse to fade,
Seeking salvation...
In darkness I wade...


The song "Dangers and Shadows" captures the chilling atmosphere of a small town under siege. A missing boy sparks a mystery, forcing a group of friends to confront the secrets and darkness lurking beneath the surface. Determined to unveil the truth, they venture into the unknown, facing ever-growing dangers and a powerful force threatening to consume everything in its path.

In a small town, so quiet,
A mystery unfolds,
A boy gone missing,
And secrets never told.

Friends band together,
Determined to find,
The secrets of the darkness,
That's clouding peace of mind.

With every step we take,
We face dangers that can shake,
We won't give up the fight,
To bring back the light.

So let's begin this journey,
Together we'll find our way,
To solve the mystery,
And bring back the light of day.

We venture into the unknown,
Where fear and danger roam,
We search for the truth,
In this world so dark and subdued.

In a small town, still haunted,
New threats emerge,
A force so powerful,
The darkness will converge.

Friends stand together,
With bravery and might,
To face the unknown,
And bring back the light.

We venture into the unknown,
Where danger lurks and shadows roam,
We search for a way,
To break free from the dark dismay.


"Fading Flames" portrays a deep emotional struggle. The lyrics grapple with the blurred lines between dreams and reality, highlighting the overwhelming pain of a heartbreak. The singer endures sleepless nights and struggles to function as life demands it to go on. The imagery of a setting sun and a fading flame reflects a loss of spirit and inner light. Tears fall uncontrollably, leaving the character breathless and shattered.

Dream or reality,
It's hard to understand the pain,
But life must go on.

It's hard to sleep,
It's hard to wake up,
But life must go on.

The heart burns, and I scream in silence.

The sun sets,
Darkness arises,
The soul loses its shine,
The heart breaks.

Cutting tears fall,
It's hard to breathe,
The glasses break,
The flame goes out.


The song "NOT SO EASY" depicts the emotional struggle of someone facing intense, uncontrollable feelings, such as a heart that feels like it's about to explode and a consuming agony. Time rushes by as they remain stuck in bed, battling disturbing thoughts and sleepless nights, yearning for the comfort of love. The difficulty in expressing these feelings turns into despair and loneliness, leading to a confused state between reality and dream, with the hope that one day their words will find a place in their loved one's heart. Eventually, the person finds a "sense of freedom", relieved from the weight of their past life, but still willing to go through it all again.

Things to be learned
That throw you to the ground
Feelings and desires
You have no control of
A storm in your head
An agony that consumes you
It feels like your heart
Is going to explode

It’s not as easy as you thought

The clock is running fast
You are stuck in your bed
Fighting your thoughts
Another sleepless night
That emptiness inside
Tears of despair
You just want the one you love
To hold your hand

It’s not as easy as you thought
It’s not getting easier as you thought

You try to express how you feel
But it cannot be translated
You get on your knees, tired of proving
That the love you feel is greater than anything

Another day, another night
You just want to live a beautiful dream
But you are alone in this dark place
Screaming, desperate to leave

Another glass
My medicine at night
Maybe someday
The words that I say
Will have a place
Deep in your heart
But now I’m confused
I don't know where I am

It seems that I’m walking in the fields of Valhalla
Is it a dream or have I passed away?
But now I’m free from the weight of that life
Yes, I would do it all over again


"Suffocation Reign" expresses the intense pressure and monotony of a stressful life. The lyrics paint a picture of being choked by the weight of routine and work, yearning for escape.  The relentless pressure builds to the point of insanity, leaving the singer feeling trapped in an endless cycle of pain and suffocation.

Suffocation, can't breathe
Underneath this weight of stress
Every day is just the same routine
Pressure building up inside my chest

Work, work, work all day long
It's like there's no escape
Feeling like I'm drowning in the fray
Can't seem to catch a break

I can't take it anymore
This weight is crushing me to the floor
Every day just feels the same
Living under this suffocating reign

Push, push, pushed to the brink of insanity
By this unrelenting strain inside of me
Everything feels like a calamity
Can't escape this endless chain, endless pain


"Haunted by Shadows" plunges us into a world of profound despair. Lost in an abyss of pain, the narrator finds no light or hope. Consumed by darkness, they wander through a seemingly endless nightmare. Whispering shadows and haunting echoes from the past fuel their misery, while inner demons torment them with an unrelenting symphony of agony. Scars run deep, the pain feels real, and the cycle of despair seems inescapable. Trapped within their own mind, haunted by ghosts and consumed by darkness, the song offers a glimpse into a soul teetering on the brink.

I'm lost in the abyss, a world of pain
No light to guide me, no hope to gain
The darkness consumes me, it's all I know
An endless nightmare, with no place to go

The shadows whisper, secrets untold
Echoes of the past, I feel so cold
The darkness lingers, a haunting spell
A curse of misery, where demons dwell

The voices in my head, they never cease
A symphony of agony, a haunting masterpiece
The pain is real, the scars run deep
A never-ending cycle, a soul to keep

The ghosts of the past, they haunt my dreams
A never-ending nightmare, or so it seems
The darkness takes over, my mind's a blur
A curse of eternal sorrow, with no cure

Lost in the darkness, a soul to keep
The pain is real, the scars run deep
A never-ending nightmare, it's all I know
A world of darkness, with no place to go.

Lost in the darkness, a soul to keep
The pain is real, the scars run deep
I'm lost in the void, trapped in my own mind
This is my fate, forever confined.


This song is about freedom, moving forward, starting over, and forging a new path. It speaks to the desire to live life on one's own terms, rejecting the rules imposed by others, and embracing the opportunity to define one's own destiny. The lyrics express a determination to break free from constraints, to pursue personal dreams, and to live without regrets.

I'm on the top of the mountain,
gazing at the horizon,
'cause I have no place to go.
Let the wind define.

Carrying away,
rolling the dice,
show me the paths to choose.

Carrying away,
show me the rules,
but I don't promise to follow them.

'Cause I'm tired of following other people's rules.

Now is my turn, let me play my own song.
Now is my time to sing in the rain.
Now is my turn, let me dance my own song.
Now is my time to live my own life.

Now is my turn, I will play my own song.
Now is my time to sing in the rain.
Now is my turn, I will dance my own song.
Now is my time to live my own life.

I will not look back,
I won't take anything with me.
No! I will not!


The song reflects the devastating impact of the Fukushima tragedy, painting a vivid picture of nature's fury and the ensuing desolation. It speaks of radiant skies turning gray as unseen dangers emerge, compelling the survivors to search for light and healing amidst the chaos. Despite the profound scars and a lingering sense of loss, the lyrics emphasize unity and resilience, portraying a collective strength to rebuild and overcome despair. The song captures the journey from darkness to hope, expressing a commitment to mend and move forward, while acknowledging the enduring sorrow etched in the hearts of those affected.

In the realm of lost dreams, tragedy took its toll,
A wave of devastation, a story yet untold.
Nature's fury unleashed, tears apart the seams,
Silent cries echo, as hearts shattered in dreams.

Radiant skies turned gray, a silent deadly dance,
Unseen foes arise, a deadly circumstance.
In the depths of fear, we search for the light,
A beacon of healing, to mend the wounded plight.

We stand united, in the face of despair,
With courage, we'll rebuild, a future strong and fair.
Though the scars run deep, a strength will rise anew,
In the heart of each survivor, a spirit that won't undo.

Oh, the void within, our souls in pain,
Lost in shadows, forever we'll remain.
Through the darkest hour, we'll rise above,
In the arms of hope, we'll find our love.

Beneath the starry skies, we seek a guiding grace,
A symphony of solace, a gentle warm embrace.
Through the depths of time, we'll mend what's been undone,
With hope as our compass, a new journey has begun.

With every passing day, the wounds may slowly heal,
But never forgotten, the sorrow that we feel.
In the midst of tragedy, we'll find our way,
A song of resilience, in our hearts will stay.


The song is about how life can sometimes feel like it's on autopilot and we're just going through the motions. We don't realize how quickly it's passing us by. Then something unexpected happens and it makes us see things in a new light. We have to start over and it feels like everyone else is just moving on with their lives. But that's okay because that's just the way life is. People come and go, but life goes on.

In the rhythm of routine, we dance,
Life slips by, a fleeting chance,
The clock ticks, always running,
Blinded by our habits, we keep on strumming.

Unexpected turns, a twist in the plot,
Weekend toasts lose the meaning we sought,
Restarting life in a fast-paced spree,
Friends demand what they can't see.

Alone in a world, many times you stand,
Others go on, with routines so grand,
The game restarts, it's your move,
But that's alright, cause life, my friend, is groove.

People come and people go,
Some draw near, some drift slow,
Life's ebb and flow, the constant show,
In the dance of time, we all follow.